What is Practically Political?

The goal of Practically Political is to engage and motivate citizens who are fact- and issue-oriented, invite conversation, respect differences of opinion, believe in compromise and put sound policy before partisanship. Whether you’re a Republican, Democrat or Independent, if your bottom line is to get our government working again to serve the best interests of all Americans, then please join us in making our voices heard. This is not the time to give into hopelessness, anger or despair; it’s a critical opportunity to redefine what democracy really means.

Who is Dave Spencer?

Dave’s journey towards practical politics was shaped by his background and a critical turning point in his life. Born in New York as a member of the Rockefeller family, he grew up around a culture of political interest and involvement and being part of a family that is one of the pillars of philanthropy in America.

But a devastating car accident at age 19 cost Dave a leg and the use of an arm. This life-changing injury required a physical, mental and emotional adjustment to deal with the realities of his disability, while also leading him to pursue a positive, pragmatic approach to seeing the world.

As part of his healing journey, Dave began sharing his experiences with others as a volunteer motivational speaker for amputees and trauma victims at medical facilities throughout the Bay Area. He broadened that outreach during six years of work for the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants, with a focus on children and community service.

After earning an MBA, Dave created a wellness center in San Francisco, located in The Presidio National Park. And working with young people inspired him to found BayKids, a nonprofit organization that serves children through self-empowerment programs. Dave currently resides in Hillsborough, CA.