Pragmatism is Patriotism

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With the 2020 election finally behind us, America has entered a new chapter filled with uncertainty, fear and hope, as there remains a sociopolitical rupture and bitter divide between Republicans and Democrats. The question is: how can we simultaneously mend these ideological fractures while addressing the most critical challenges facing our nation?

The answer is that we need both parties to support pragmatists who will begin to re-engage by identifying a few key issues to build a consensus on. Establishing some common ground is the first logical step towards breaking through partisan gridlock, with both parties committing to the lost art of compromise, the most fundamental principle of our democratic system.

The first issue to unite Democrats and Republicans must be resolving the coronavirus pandemic because COVID-19 isn’t a political or cultural issue—it’s a national health crisis that is inseparably linked to an economic recovery. It seems cruelly ironic, but our nation can only begin its own healing process by first coming together to defeat a deadly nonpartisan virus.

Practically Political provides a platform to help us re-evaluate what it means to be an American. Whether we like each other or not, Republicans and Democrats must work together for our nation to move forward. As precarious as these incremental steps towards reconciliation may seem, we must put country over party and equate pragmatism with patriotism.

A Message from Founder Dave Spencer

I was once proud to call myself a loyal member of the Republican Party, but the the party has become morally bankrupt and no longer stands for anything other than a vessel for corporations and wealthy donors.

For consummate proof, consider that the 2020 Republican Party had no official platform. That’s right, the current GOP stood for whatever our populist president wanted. Thus, I voted for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

Dave Spencer

The only path to passing meaningful bipartisan legislation is for the GOP to redefine itself after the Donald Trump era and for Democrats to reconcile the different factions within their own ranks. My goal is to advance honest discussion on crucial issues and take action. First, and foremost, focusing on the COVID pandemic, as well as climate change, criminal justice and police reform, cyber security, education policy and re-establishing strong relationships with our allies. Like each other or not, America is at a tipping point, and these current crises not only present obstacles, but new opportunities.

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