I have been a proud member of the Republican Party for all of my adult life. But the GOP’s divisiveness, dysfunction and lack of conscience, along with the continuing chaos generated by an administration that seems to simply govern by going from one crisis to another, has made that relationship untenable. I believe a true patriot will ultimately choose his country over party and the time has come, for me, to take that stand.

For those of you who have followed our platform over the last few years, I want to announce that we’re changing our name from Practically Republican to Practically Political. The truth is, we have found that “practical Republican” has unfortunately become an oxymoron in Washington. So we’re now hoping to better address concerned citizens from all political backgrounds, who are issue-oriented realists, rather than driven by strict ideology and partisanship.

What America needs right now are pragmatists and I hope you, irrespective of party, will join me in an ongoing dialogue about what practical politics can and should mean today.