Share Your Ideas

Practically Republican is about concerned, rational citizens working together. Let’s exchange our ideas and opinions to ensure that our voices can’t be ignored. The status quo is Washington is simply not acceptable and that’s why it’s critical for us to contact Congressional GOP leaders and our state representatives, as well as spread the word across our social networks.

This shift will not happen without public demand and pressure. Too many Americans have also gotten out of the habit of being active participants in the political process. Dropping out of the conversation, simply voting the party line without studying the issues, or not voting at all. The fact is being an American comes with responsibilities and concerned citizens who will speak up are our greatest strength. To quote Abraham Lincoln, “Our government rests in public opinion. Whoever can change public opinion, can change the government.”

Share Your Ideas, Opinions and Solutions

Practically Republican is about having informed, civil, commonsense conversations to discuss facts, exchange ideas and formulate practical solutions. Please share your own pragmatic thoughts and opinions to help find answers to America’s most critical issues.

What’s your Solution?

Whatever your concern — from immigration to healthcare to civil discourse — we want to hear from you!

Dave’s Solution

“Having informed, civil, constructive conversations to discuss facts, exchange ideas and formulate practical solutions, is the only way to find some answers to America’s most critical issues. The country cannot move ahead without a fundamental shift in the GOP that has left our party divided and our government impaired. And we can’t expect Republican leaders to move closer to our desired characteristics of a focus on the facts and issues, negotiation and compromise and bipartisan agreements that will best serve the country, unless we make our voices heard in Washington.

Practically Republican’s goal is to offer the kind of commonsense reasoning and active participation that leads to problem solving from our community of GOP supporters who want to get things done. That’s what the public longs for more than anything–for our political system to start working again. In order for our government to return to a fully functioning body, Republicans, such as you and I, must step up to meet this challenge.”