Podcasts from Practically Political and Dave Spencer


With a rapidly churning 24/7 news cycle on multiple platforms, it’s more critical than ever for Americans to also have access to objective, in-depth discussions of the most serious issues facing our country. Practically Political features comprehensive conversations between concerned citizen and pragmatist, Dave Spencer, and political figures from both parties, members of the media and Washington insiders to provide constructive, detailed perspectives on the current state of politics.

Practically Political with guests Michael Steele and Doug Thornell

Michael Steele is a former Republican National Committee Chairman, Maryland Lt. Governor and is now a political analyst on MSNBC. Doug Thornell is the managing director of SKD Knickerbocker. a public affairs agency in Washington, D.C. and a frequent political analyst on MSNBC, CNN and Fox News Channel.

Practically Political with guest Scott Mulhauser

Scott Mulhauser is the founding partner of Aperture Strategies, a strategic advisory firm in Washington, DC. He has also served as chief of staff at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing and worked as deputy chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden.

Practically Political with guest Paul Gilbert

As part of a new feature where pragmatists talk politics, Dave Spencer sits down with Practically Political Executive Producer, Paul Gilbert. Find out what an estranged Republican and disillusioned Democrat have in common, as they do a post-game analysis of the midterm elections and take a practical look at what lies ahead in 2019.

Practically Political with guests Ron Bonjean and Rodell Mollineau

Ron Bonjean is a Republican public affairs and crisis communications expert and acted as strategic communications advisor for the Trump Presidential Transition Team. Rodell Mollineau is a Democratic research and campaign communications specialist who provides strategic guidance to numerous elected officials, political candidates and organizations.