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GOP Will Not Weather This Storm

When it comes to discussing the facts about climate change, you would think that this administration is literally living on another planet. We all know President Trump is capable of lies and mistruths on a daily basis, but even by those standards, he continues to display an astounding level of ignorance about the realities of global warming and changing weather patterns.

Don’t Bet on Trump in 2020

Looking ahead to the 2020 election, here’s a bold prediction. Donald Trump has no chance of winning a second term. Why am I willing to go out on this limb, given the unwavering loyalty of his base and with the economy doing so well? It’s very simple: I believe he will choose not to run again. What! you say. With his ego? Let me explain.

Still All the News That’s Fit to Print

Many of us who grew up in New York City have a personal bond with the NY Times, as it’s so much a part of the culture and heartbeat of the city. And being a news junkie, I believe one of the silver linings in the dark cloud of the Trump administration is that it’s forced the paper to be even more on top of its game in its political analysis and investigative reporting.

Handicapping the Dems’ Presidential Derby

When it comes to Democratic presidential candidates, the field is already so crowded that the real question is “who’s not running?” Imagine combining the Kentucky Derby, Belmont and Preakness in one race, with the Triple Crown being the 2020 presidential nomination.

Trump’s Days of Future Past

Let’s face it – 2018 was the year of Donald Trump. That’s not to be confused with the president nominating himself Man of the Year, but rather that our entire system of government has been dominated by Trump’s volatility, irrationality and narcissism.

What’s Really Making America Great Again

The 2018-midterm elections were clearly a referendum on Donald Trump. The president told everyone he was on the ballot, and according to network exit polls, two-thirds of voters agreed and said he was a big factor in how they voted – and the resulting “blue wave” was very real.

My Broken Marriage with the GOP

With a heavy heart, I am announcing our formal separation. While we’d been a compatible couple for almost four decades, two years ago you began an affair with a philandering con man and then, moved in together. And even though his daily existence is total chaos and he may be in trouble with the law, you continue to stand by him. Based on your actions and inaction, you’ve left me with no choice but to step away from this crumbling relationship.

The Game Has Changed

I have been a proud member of the Republican Party for all of my adult life. But the GOP’s divisiveness, dysfunction and lack of conscience, along with the continuing chaos generated by an administration that seems to simply govern by going from one crisis to another, has made that relationship untenable.